Today is a happy day forme and a sad day, as well. Let me explain


Hello everyone. This is EkTricks, and today is a anotherday of eCommerce Revealed. Today is a happy day forme and a sad day, as well. Let me explain what I mean by this.


Today is the last dayof eCommerce Unlocked, and for that, I’m sad,but the good news is is I will always be releasing more courses and training material for you, and the good news is you have finished eCommerce Revealed.

You can now go back and watch all the training sessions, implement everything that you’ve learned, and start generating more sales. A quote that I love to read, and this one’s from Marcus Aurelius, “Ambitions mean trying your well-being to what other people say or do.

Sanity means tying it to your own action.” Of course, I’m also proud of you, as well, because you’ve come so far,and you’ve learned a lot. E-commerce is a booming business. More and more of e-commerce or commerce transactions aregoing to be happening online. So by you know ingevery thing that’s happening in SU Unlocked, you’re going to be muchfurther than everyone else.

The amount of money that’sgoing online worldwide is huge, and because of COVID-19, Iknow that’s old news now, but still because of it, a lot of people realize how convenient, easy it was for them to buy online, and that’s made e-commerce growat a much, much faster pace.

During the COVID-19 days, especially during the very,very first days of COVID-19, you would see companies like Amazon and Shopify booming. Their stocks went through the roof. A big take away for you is e-commerce will continuallygrow year over year. Who wants to go out of their garage, drive to a store, walk around, try to findthe right item in hopes that it’s there at thatstore and then carry it, put it in the trunk of your car

And then of course go drive back home? On top of that, even when you’re at a store buying something,you got to wait in line, too, for the check out register to ring you up and charge you for that item. I want you to understand a few metrics because these are going tobe important for your success in e-commerce, and if you know these, you’ll do well in the long run. Your cost of goods sold.

That’s how much it costs you for the product that you’re selling, your return on ad spend, and of course, your return on investment.

Data is king, and if you can make sure that your data is pointingin the right direction, you’re going to do better in the long run, and if you really want todo well in the long run, I want you to build are lationship with your customer. It’s not just about you.

It’s not just about making money. It’s about providing thebest experience because, in the long run, that’s what’sgoing to cause you to succeed and continually get that repeat business.

It’s how Amazon continually exceeds and does well because everyone keeps going back and buying more and more. So what brands should you follow if you

want to do well in the e-commerce landscape?

Few of them to study, watch out for is not justthe Amazons of the world. There’s a lot of other ones that are doing really well from all sizes, from small-medium sizelike Skincare By Alana to big brands like Louis Vuitton or Rolex or Dollar Shave Club.

Just the ones on the screen, they’re ones that you should check out and continually follow on a regular basis. You also want to look at these companies, analyze them to figure out, all right, are these companies that I’m analyzing, what are they doing right?

What are they doing wrong?

In other words, you want to look at them from a case study perspective, and we’ve broken down somevalues for you to look at to help you succeed in this. So what does it take to bea great e-commerce marketer and build a great site? Well, there’s quite a few skill sets. The first is you want tobecome a people watcher.

By understanding the why willhelp you truly understand how to generate more sales. Why are people taking so long at a cafe? Why do people want tosit on a bench in a park? How are people using their phones? Why are they using theirphones on a regular basis and for 10 hours a day? Whatever it may be.

This willhelp you understand people, which helps you understandhow to generate more sales. Here’s a fun infographic that I love. No, I don’t want to give myconsent to my personal data. No cookies, no tracking, no browser history. The less the site knowsabout me, the better, and then at the and, you’re just like hey, why isn’t my shopping experience personalized? Now, of course, you don’t wantto invade on people’s privacy.

I know that’s a very sensitive topic. This is just a funny graphic, but whenever you’re trying to create an e-commerce experience, you want to personalizeas much as possible without really breachingon anyone’s privacy.

So really respect the boundaries there. Even if it’s not against the law, you want to still respect theboundaries and not improach and go too far when it comesto people’s personal privacy. You also want to be usingtools like Ubersuggest on a regular basis. You’ve seen this throughoutthe whole course,

and when you use t, you go to or technically, you justcan go, put in any keyword, and I want you to click on the keyword ideas reportin the left-hand navigation. It’ll show you in tap what buyers are really looking for, and then by tweaking madand unders tanding that, you’re much more likely to generate the right type of visitors in the long run because you can go afterthose right type of keywords.

The second thing I wantyou to do is be ready and willing to adapt. People change over time. Businesses change.

If you don’t adapt, you won’t win. The third thing is scratch that curiosity itch. What are people curious about? Why?

How can you leverage thatto generate more sales?

How can your company use thatto exceed in that category?
Fourth thing, you want toembrace your teammates. I was once speaking at an event alongside of Richard Branson, and I don’t know Richard Branson or any thing like that, but I did have the honor of talking to him for a few minutes, and oneof the most powerful things that he told me is whenit came to building all his Virgin companies, he was telling me it’snot him who built it.

It’s his team. Your team is who helpsbuild amazing companies. It’s not Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook. It’s not Elon Musk by himself. It’s not Bill Gates. It’s the team, all the people combined. That’s what build amazing big businesses. The fifth thing, be persistent. Look, marketing takes time. Generating sales takes time.

It really does take time. The sixth thing, keep yourexisting customers happy. Try to do whatever to delight them. When something goes wrong for me at Amazon and they send me the wrong product, even if it’s tissue paperand I didn’t order it and it was the wrong kind, in many cases, they just say you can keep it.

No worries, we’ll send you a new one. That’s a way of keepingyour customers happy. I don’t expect that, butthey just try to delight me, or sometimes, when I have two-day shipping because I’m a Prime customer, they say we’re going to overnight it.

You’re going to get it the next day. That’s a nice thing that delights me. That keeps me going back and back to Amazon, and you can survey your customers to figure out how you’re doing it usingtools like Survey Monkey and try to really go aboveand beyond and delight them.

You also want to form the right habits. What is it going to take you to succeed on a regular basis?

What things you have to do?

For me, I read my competitions website on a daily basis. I look to see what they’redoing on a marketing standpoint. I make sure that I break downmy goals on an annual basis, and then I try to breakthem down into monthly and then weekly and daily tasks, and I make sure I completethose things on a daily basis in order to help hit mygoals on an annual basis.

Those are all formingthe right type of habits, and when you’re formingthe right type of habits, they could be things like completing a list of actions for your day, writing three things down that you want to add to thisroutine or working on your CRO. Whatever it may be, you’llfigure out what works for you over time as you try toform those right habits. There’s also an actionversus value worksheet. You can find this Click on eCommerce Revealed week four, technically post three in week four.

Make sure you download this, as well as the case study one I mentioned. You can find that at the same place at and click on eCommerce Unlocked and go to week four andthe last video there. Number eight, find the partof your work that you love. A lot of people ask me EkTricks, do you take holidays? No, I don’t take holidays.

I don’t think they’re bad, butI just love what I’m doing, so I just keep crankin’ and crankin’. I don’t count hours. I just go and go becauseI love what I’m doing, and it may take you timeto find your passion, but once you do, you’ll know it, and if you really wantto get to the next level, what I recommend doingis take this program and review it at least three times over the next few months.

Use the modules as checklists. Remember, repetition is akey to success, and again, you can get all the filesat Click on eCommerce Unlocked, and each post has its corresponding fileworksheet cheat sheet.

So that’s pretty much it. You’ve now completed eCommerce Unlocked. Thank you very much and congratulations. I hope you have a wonderful day


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