As many banking agencies providing Fastag service in india, paytm also provides FASTAG in few clicks. Let me give Short steps to apply FASTAG through PAYTM.

you need three things before apply

1.Vehicle registration number

2. Photo of Vehicle Registration Certificate both sides ( Mobile taken photos are accepted)

3.Paytm account (500rs charges applicable)

You can apply from your phone or personal computer as paytm supports web version. you can simply scan the barcode from your smart phone in paytm webpage to connect your paytm account.

  1. Go to paytm app and “all services”
Select All Services in your paytm app

2.Click Recharge and pay Bills and Click “Manage FASTag”

3.If you want to apply for your own vehicle just click on “Buy FASTag for Car/Jeep/Van

4. Now in this interface
enter your vehicle registration number and upload photo of front and back side of Registration Certificate in respective area.


5. Then you need to pay 500rs for fastag.
While paying paytm will provide some promocodes and cashback offers. so dont forget to check those

6. You will get 150rs in fastag account , 250rs as a refundable security deposit. when u sell this vehicle or when you want to close this fastag account you will be refunded with this 250.

7. you have done! Confirm your Delivery Address where you want to receive your fastag via post then pay 500rs and finish.


8. In few days Fastag will come to your doorstep.

Open the cover and peel the sticker to stick that fastag to your vehicle.

9.Stick the fastag in your car windscreen just below the rear view mirror attached. You have to stick from inside the car.

You can manage and recharge this fastag by using this same paytm account.

FASTag is mandatory for all Toll across india. MoRTH INDIA encourages people to buy FASTag by changing all the lanes as fastag lanes in Toll gate.


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