How To Create PhonePe Business Account in 5 Minutes


Create PhonePe Business

Digitalisation of your store and base is a must today Meaning that your customer should have the option to make digital payments Meaning that your customer should have the option that you can pay you on GooglePay or on the PhonePe or on Paytm or from any UPI.

Create PhonePe Business

So in Today’s article I Am Will Going To Tell You in Details. Inside for 5 minutes. You can Digitalize your business or your own business and Accept Unlimited Payment. How about your Self Ishness or Business? Can Make Digital and get Unlimited Payment from your customer Without Paying Any Charge.
So Let’s Start Without Wasting Any Time.

How To Create A PhonePe For Business account.

  1. fast of all Install or Open PhonePe for Business App link here

Download Now

  1. allow permission Just Signup/Enter Your Full Name or Mobile Number (Remember If you Enter The Number That is Already Registered On Your PhonePe) & Click On “Get OTP” Automatically verified OTP
  2. Then Click it Continue Registration.
  3. Then you Need To Map Your Address. If You Are in Your Shop,

it Will Automatically Detect Your Address. Not Detecte Your Address Then Map Manually Point Your Address

  1. after points Then You will see Your Address bloew and Top Corner Click It save opinions.
  2. Then Add Your Business details, Enter Your Shop Name and Choose your Catagory or click Save & Continue
  3. Now you have to Select your bank account and the bank will Accept your payment Now Shoose your Bank Account & Click it Continue.
  4. after the Continue Automatically Sent a Massage For verification. And there has also been a Verified here.
  5. Now You Will see Your bank account and click it Save & Continue
  6. Here, you have successfully Created our PhonePe business account. Now Click it Continue To Dashboard.

Now that you have access to your dashboard, you can see each of your Every Activities Check it, Like payment statements, pending payments, all Transaction, And Many More.

More PhonePe Business account Settings

How To Manage Your Store

Fast off all Click It Profile Then click it Manage store listing. You can Add Your Photo and Change Your Address.

How to Download PhonePe Business QR Code

Now Go To Profile Then Click It Manage QR Code, Click it View QR Now will See Your QR Code. (If you want to download the QR Code Then Click it Download PDF QR)

Successfully download Now you Get The PhonePe, Google Pay, Pay TM and You can Get Payment Through Any UPI application. Print The QR Code And You Have to Leave it in the Store

Any customer! Will scan from any UPI application. And Direct will pay you. That payment will come in an application. And will be transferred to your bank account for automatic. You can print it at any shop without any charges. And after printing you can apply it in your shop.

How To Sent My PhonePe Business QR Code

Go to Profile Click it Manage QR Codes Now You Can See Top right Corner thre Dot Click It And Share Your PhonePe QR Code PDF File Share Via Whatsapp, Telegram And many More, Opening this PDF QR Code and Paying You Directly.

How To Add More Number For Notification alaret

Go to Profile Section or Click it Manage QR Codes Click it add Notification Receiver Option Want payment notification or Enter Your Anther Number then Click in Confirm

This Will be Very Useful in The Situation When Three-Four Boys Will Be Working With You. And They All Have To Take Payment. So whenever a Customer pays? Because Notifications Get Up on Mobile Number Too Payment Has Been Made.

How To Add User PhonePe Business Account

Go To Profile Click it Manage User, Then Click Bottom Right Corner Plus Icon.

Now Enter Your New User Details User Name, (Select Role Like Manager/Agent and Financial Ops) Mobile number, or Email I’d and click it Add New User

So by Download the Application on the phone, Enter This Phone Number it can Access the Account The permission you have given. This is also useful in the same thing when you are very big Shop. And a lot of people work in it. Everyone can create different accounts with Shop. And all that can manage a Business Account


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