How To Create Amazon Pay UPI I’D


Create Amazon Pay UPI I’D

I am going to tell you today UPI With Amazon UPI, you can make unlimited transactions by connect your bank account Absolutely Free, Compared to Other UPI Applications, This is Very Safe and Secure. and You get a lot of Rewards on Doing Transactions in it. I Personally Sse This AmazonPay UPI, How to create AmazonPay UPI? In this Article We Will SEE The Complete Process. So let’s Start Withoutithout Wasting Any Time.

How To Create Amazon Pay UPI I’D

  1. Fast Of all Download Or Install Amazon App From Play Store Link Here. (You Have A already downloaded Amazon app Now Sikp this step)

Download Now

  1. After Downloading Open Amazon App Now Login or Signup app You Have a Already Amazon Account So Login Now, If you Do Not Have an Amazon account, Click It Create a New Account.
  2. Now Just Click Create a New Account And Enter Basic Information Like Name, Phone Number Email I’d Or Set Possword and Click in Verify Your Number Verify Via OTP And Click to Proceed Option
  3. After Click Proceed Will it Be Able To Dend Your Number After That To Set Up UPI, Will verify Your Mobile Number There Should be a Balance of at Least ₹ 1 For Verification.
  4. Now Choose Your Sim will send a Message. Now Start Your Verification.
  5. After That You Must Make Sure Which Bank Has Your Account? Now Select your Bank After that it will send you to find bank. After That You Will be set UPI PIN. and Click On Set Up Your UPI Whenever you do a UPI Transaction, make this pick UPI Pin

How To Use AmazonPay UPI

  1. Fast Off All Click Top Left 3 bar icon you You Can See Amazon Pay option click it, You Can Use Your Amazon Pay UPI FROM Here.
  2. The first option is QR code?
  3. Second By clicking on the Sent Money, you can make money Payment to Anyone.
    1. In Ehich You. UPI ID, Phone Number, To bank Or Near me Options are Available. If you want to send money from UPI, then click on UPI Yes, You Will Enter The UPI ID of The Person You Want to Pay Money to and Click VERIFY AND PROCEED
  4. Whose Brother Is UPI, His Name Will Come Up. There You Want to Spend Your Amount According To You, and Click it Send Money After That You Have to Enter The Same UPI PIN and Tnen Click Ok. Payment Will be Transferred.

Whenever You Transaction Here, You Get a Reward from Here Now Will See Your Rewards Just Click Clem Your Rewards.

  1. If You Eant To Transfer Money To Someone’s Bank Account, Then you will Choose To Bank. Enter The Bank Details LIKE IFSC Code, Bank Account Number, Bank Name and Click Proceed To Send Money.
  2. After That, We Will Now Put The Amount There. Will Vlick on Send Money, After That, The Same UPI Pin Will Have To Be Inserted Again That You Set So Your Transaction Will Be Completed.

How To Check Bank Balance In Amazon Pay

  1. Click it Third Option Check Bank Balance And Enter Your UPI PIN By Clicking OK, You Can See How Much Balance is There in Your Bank Account.

How To Find Amazon Pay UPI I’D

  1. Fast off All open Amazon App and Click Top left 3 bar icon.
  2. Now Click It Amazon Pay Option.
  3. Now Will See Your Amazon Pay UPI I’D and Click It.
  4. Now You Will See AMAZON PAY UPI I’D.

How To Find Amazon Pay QR Codes

  1. Fast off All open Amazon App and Click Top left 3 bar icon.
  2. Now Click It Amazon Pay Option.
  3. Now Will See Your Amazon Pay QR CODES and Click Show QR.
  4. Now You Will See Your Amazon Pay QR Codes.

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