How To Activate Free Caller tune in jio | In 3 Ways


Activate Free Caller Tune In Jio

Activate Caller Tune In Your Jio Number For Free

Free Jio Caller Tune , Set Jio Caller Tune From JioSaavn App , Set Jio Caller tune With SMS , Set Jio Tune Via Call– Hello Everyone, I Hope You Guys Are Enjoying Free Recharge Tricks & Free PayTm Cash Tricks.

How To Activate Free Caller tune in jio.

Update : Jio has Limited to Only 3 Caller Tunes Per Month, But With Our Strategy You can try Unlimited in These Four Ways

I Have Posted a Complete Guide To Activate Free Callertun on Your JIO NUMBER, Follow These Steps. You can Relax This is the official offer.

Step #1

How To Activate Free Jio Caller Tune Via SMS

1. First of All Just Open Your SMS App

2. Now Send a new Message like Below

3. Write  :  JT and Send it to 56789

If You Want To Specify Your Favorite Song, Type it Below

Write :

MOVIE <movie Name> send it to 56789S

SINGER <singer Name> send it to 56789

 ALBUM <Album Name> send it to 56789

4. In just a few seconds you will receive a message in your entire inbox with a “complete song list”

5.  Select and send any of your favorite songs with numbers

6. You will receive another SMS for final confirmation

7. Just send a “Y” answer to this message

8. Congratulations !!  You have activated Free Caller Tune Geo SIM for 30 days

Step #2

How To Set Other’s Jio Caller Tune as Your Jio Caller Tune

1. First call any Jio user you want to copy your caller ID

2. Now when your call is connected, just press “*” from your keyboard

  3.  Suddenly you get a confirmation access message from Jio

  4. Reply with Y in 30 minutes Reply

5. Done.

Step #3

How To Activate Free Jio Caller Tune Via JioSaavn App

Introduction :
Here is another way to activate free Jio Caller Tune on your Jio SIM and it is very simple and very popular, you can set Jio CallerTune with just one click.

Just follow the steps below and you can set up a free caller tune to win

1, First Of All Just Download The JioSaavn App – Link Here

2. Open The App & Login With Your JIO number.

3. Now search for any album or singer’s favorite song

4. Now you will see the 3 dot menu under “Song Cover Photo“> click on it

5. In the expand menu, you will see “Set as Jio Caller Tune Option” – click on it

7. You can change it at any time by following exactly the same steps


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