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Hello everyone it’s EkTricks, and today is another day of Content Marketing revealed , and today, we’re going to be covering the different types of content, that you find online and how you can leverage them, to get more traffic and sales.

Content Marketing Revealed

We’re in week two of Content Marketing Revealed, as I mentioned today, we’re going to be goingover content types, and then over the upcoming days, we’re going to end updiscussing things like, pillar and cluster pages andhow you can leverage them for more traffic, if you’re not sure what those mean, don’t worry about that, we’ll cover that in the upcoming days.

So, there are many different types of content, and you already know this. There’s like post and images, and you see some of that stuff on Facebook or Instagram, but those aren’t the only typeof content pieces out there.

So today, I want to totake the time to go over all the different types ofcontent that you can create, to generate more traffic on your website.

The first one that you’re seeing before, but you didn’t really think is, as of content is tools. If you look at, I have Sumruch the tool, it drives a lot more traffic, than text-based content.

I also have interactive content, interactive tools within my content. And what I mean by that is, within, let’s say website, I may have articles on starting your blog. And I may have a little tool in there that helps you find a domain name. And that’s example of interactive content within articles, right?

So I’ll integrate tools to make the experienceof the text much better. Another one is the SEOAnalyzer on, it ends up showing you allyour site audit errors, and if you haven’t usedit, check that out, go look at the SEO Analyzer,and put in your URL.

I also you even have anA/B Testing Calculator, which tells you, is a test significant when you’re running anA/B test using Optimizer or Crazy Egg, or VWO. There’s also Infographics withone of my older companies. We used create an infographic every week, literally, an infographic every week.

It generated us over 2.5 million visitors, got us over 41000 backlinks, and over 3000 referring domain names. And we did that through 47 infographics. And roughly when we looked at our costs, we spent $28,000 on that. Now, if we had to buy that traffic, it would have cost usalmost a million dollars in that space. So infographics are really powerful, but when you’re creating them, don’t just create info graphicsbecause you want traffic, has to be related to your core business.

So I wouldn’t go and createan infographic on computers, when I’m a dental shop,it has to be related. Another piece of contentthat I really love is instructional guides.

So not just guides, you’ve heard the, the ultimate guides orthe step-by-step guide. When I mean instructional guides, I’m talking about guides thatare thorough and detailed, but they allow people to understand what to do step-by-step. That’s what I mean by instructional guides. You can also do case studies,market data, field reports, I’ve done a lot of blog posts using data. Like we analyzed 5.8 billion articles from 64 countries, here’s what Facebook loves or one’s around, we analyzed 120,000 ads and discovered how local businesses cancrush their competition on a tiny budget, things like that, they’re examples of data rich content, and these types of pieces of content, tend to generate the mostamount of backlinks naturally.

Then there’s of course,content for social media, there’s a lot of social sites out there from YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, it’s endless, so and each site hastheir own form of content that they like, so some times you’re going to have to adapt it, some times you can use the same piece of content on multiple sites, whenever you’re usingcontent on social media, just make sure you postthe content natively.

What I mean by that is, if you create a video on your phone and you upload it to YouTube, you don’t want to take the YouTube URL and share it on Facebook. You want to take that post again even the same one, and re-upload it to Facebook.

That’s how you get the most amount of traffic from Facebook. That’s how you get the most amount of traffic from YouTube. You got to natively upload that content to each site, versus sharing the linkfrom one of the networks on another social network.

Artical, you’ve seen them all around the web, they’re becoming extremely popular, Google is extremely popular website, they say it’s worth overa hundred billion dollars, and it’s massive.

So make sure you go out there and consider creating video. It doesn’t have to be professional, it could just be from your phone. You can also do podcasts as well. Some times my co-host Eric, Sue and I, have marketing school,which is our podcast, if you haven’t checked itout and make sure you do.

Some times we’ll do a recordingour podcast episodes, but we’ll also go live, and record the video ofus recording the podcast, and we’ll even take questions from a live audience and answer them as well. And podcasts are blowing up, they’re booming, especially in certain parts of the world like Asia, so make sure you jumpon the podcast bandwagon now before it gets too late. Now with podcasting, people listen to them when they’re on the go in their car, working out, jogging, whatever it may be, it really does create apersonal bond with people and there are so many distribution channels for podcasts like the iTunes store or Spotify, these are all places where you can get more people listening to you as well.

Then there’s webinars, if you want to checkout one of my webinars, go to, and you’ll see one of my webinars, so that’s an example of a webinar, it’s great to build engagement, it’s great to sell from, and people will give you instant feedback and they’ll be on therefor 20, 30 minutes, some times even an hour, depending on how long your webinar is.

You can also take a hy brid approach, some times with a lot ofmy blog-based content, you’ll see me embedding videos or audio files or animated infographics, and it’s because I’mtaking a hybrid approach.

I don’t do this becauseI want more traffic, and well, technically I want more traffic, but that’s not thepurpose of me doing that. The hybrid approach if, it helps provide a better experience for people and it can delight them more, that’s when you want to end up doing it. You don’t want to do it justfor the sake of being like, “Oh, let me embed a video soI can get more video views.

It’s about providing a better experience. Then there’s eBooks and white papers, these are great, especially if you’retrying to generate leads, this is more effective in B2Bthan B2C, from what I’ve seen, but it’s also great as well, and a lot of times you can do it saying, put in your company information if you want this eBook or white paper.

There’s also journeys, I once shared a journey on my journey to $100,000 dollars a month in income, or revenue more so not necessarily income, and that was really successful, it was super popular, people loved it, they read it and they followed it along.

Then there’s eCourses or digital classes, you see them on Udemy and sites like that. Here’s the example right now, what you’re listening to and watching. This is example of a digital class, or a online course.

And you can find more of theseat It works well, builds a bond, great branding and people love education. Then of course there’s live videos.

So there’s Instagram live, Facebook has live, Twitter does, LinkedIn does, all thosebig social networks too, it’s a great way to build a connection with the audience because you can answer questions, bring them on live as well and generate sales from that too.

There’s guest posting, I don’t do guest posting much anymore, I used to do a lot more ofthis like four years ago, but why not get yourcontent featured everywhere, because some of thesesites like Entrepreneur and New York Times, already have a lot of traffic.

So why not get them tofeature some of your content, because it just drivesmore brand awareness? This is one of the age, old channels out there, magazines, they’re still really popular, my wife buys a ton of magazines, I always am a junkie of magazines when I’m at an airport, I love buying them as well.

And it’s a great placeto check out interviews and the type of content and because magazines people end up buying and they’re more offline, people in many cases seemore value in the magazines. They put more emphasis and be like, “Oh my God, this is high in quality.

So you can always consider creating your own magazine too for your industry. Listicles, who doesn’tlove list-based posts? The best ones are the onesthat you find on Facebook through ads, and you have to keep clicking next, next, next, don’t do that, people do that because, they want to generate ad income, if you want to generate adincome, you could do that.

But in general, you want to easy to understand listicle, it’s great for conversation, works well for gathering links, you can even do roundup posts, that’s another example ofa content type as well. And you can do lists onanything like the best razors or the best toasters or thebest marketing software. It makes your contents cannable, easy to understand, and you don’t need 101 items, so just make it really thorough, detailed and amazing. You can also use multiple images within a post that tell a story, I do this really wellon social media sites like Instagram and LinkedIn, it’s carousel content where people can click next, next, next, next, tons of engagement, what we find is these kinds of pieces of content get almost double the amount of shares, than our normal contentthat we end up creating.

So now what I want you to do is go to, click on Content Marketing revealed, and go to Week two, video one and download the content types check list.

So that way when you’re creating content, you’ll know what type you’re creating, the goals, the objectives, and how you can end upgenerating more traffic from these content types.

Now if you have questions, feel free to leave a comment. Thank you for reading

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