Children orphaned by COVID-19 to get ₹5 lakh


Children who have lost their parents to COVID-19 will be given ₹5 lakh in assistance in the form of a fixed deposit, and the sum will be given to them with interest when they turn 18, Chief Minister M.K. Stalin said on Saturday.

He said the government would bear the expenses on account of the education and accommodation of these children until they graduate from college. It would also ensure that they get priority in accommodation at government homes for children.

For those who have lost one parent, ₹3 lakh in relief will be given to the living parent. Those who lost a parent earlier and then the other to COVID-19 will be given ₹5 lakh in fixed deposit, he said in a statement. Children who have lost their parents to COVID-19 and are not at government homes but staying with relatives or guardians will be given a monthly allowance of ₹3,000 till they turn 18.

Mr. Stalin said a committee would be formed in each district to oversee the dispensation of relief. The benefits of all government schemes will be given to these children and their living parent on a priority basis. The government will also form a committee, comprising an Additional Chief Secretary, Finance Department officials, the Secretary of the Social Welfare Department and voluntary organisations, to frame the rules to provide the relief.


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