6 Best Ways To Make Money Online


Make Money Online

Everyone Eants To Earn Money Online, But Due to Lack of Sccurate Information, Most People Become a Victim of Fraud, You Are an 2 important Point To Earn Money Online. The First Point is Research i.e. To Find Out in Which Way You Want To Earn Money, What Happened is Genuine Method or Fake and Fraud Method.

And the second way is to make money through hard working online, you have to do more hardworking than offline, you have to work hard.

So Guys I am Aftab in this Article of today, I will show you the 6 best ways to make money online.  I will make Article in different details above one method.  So let’s start without wasting any time.

#1 Blogging, is the first way to earn money online You must have heard about blogging.

This is a kind of website, here you keep writing articles written from time to time.

Now Select is the first thing to be done to make a blog.  On which topic you want to make a block, you can be a health, education can be technology or any topic you can Choose

What can you do on blogger.com, you can also make a Blog for free, if you can spend some money, Then you you can create a blog on WordPress.

You do not need to learn coding or programming to create a blog once you set up your blog.  Then you can make a good income by applying ads from Adsence or by applying its Add to other advertising company.

lot of blog on the internet out of which Tricksgang.Com and EkTricks.com, at least it is two famous blocks. If I talk about Arvind, by making a blog you can earn thousands of millions of rupees from it, so famous will be your block, the more your income Will be.

#2 YouTube, is another way to earn money online

If you have a talent in you, you can make good videos, then you should make a YouTube channel. When your YouTube channel becomes something famous then you can make a lot of money by affiliate marketing and sponsorship by putting Ads on it.

#3 Facebook Page, is the third way to earn money online.

You must have looked at different ways on Facebook? Here you will see different types of news aur link, but what do you think on Facebook, this page is made like this, so hard work is done on them, they are made so popular or they have been made absolutely  No, the pages created on Facebook are earned a lot of money. When you create a page on Facebook, Facebook does not give you money, but your page becomes famous, you can earn a lot of money by putting sponsorship affiliate links on it.  Huh

#4 Online Freelancing, is the fourth way to earn money online.

Online Freelancing means selling your service or talent. You can send any service online, such as writing designing app development. Website development is the most famous Freelancing website. Freelancer fiverr, upwork You have created an account on these websites.  Tell what service you want to give, then you meet the service, wait for the project and complete the project on time and take the money and Freelancing comes at the top of ways to earn money online.

#5 Share Market

You must have heard about the share market, the stock market is a great option to earn a lot of money quickly and quickly, but it also has a lot of ricks in it, you have to buy shares in it for less money and when the money increases, which city will you again  Don’t back you down

#6 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means selling another product and taking commission in the middle. It does not want to buy the product in it, it is sold directly and its commission is taken. It is very beneficial for low budget people like in offline.  You sell your goods by keeping it in a shop, in the same way online you put a product’s gender on a blog youtube Channel or social media page. Whenever someone clicks on that link to buy the product, you get a commission.  Amazon, Flipkart, EarnKoro On gets the top name in affiliate marketing

There are some Genuine van ways to earn money online in which you can make money in real


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