The value of the large Bitcoin (BTC) holdings of MicroStrategy has surpassed that of the cash stock of most S&P 500 firms. An additional 5,050 Bitcoin was purchased by the Nasdaq-listed software business for about $242.9 million, increasing its total holdings of 114,042 BTC to close to $5.3 trillion. More than that, according to Bloomberg data, 80 percent of S&P 500 non-financial businesses have cash files.

Cash expenditure between businesses

MicroStrategy purchases Bitcoin in 2020 in its formal company plan and calls the active protection against the anticipated depreciation of the U.S. dollar with its renowned CEO, Michael Saylor. Companies like Tesla and Square subsequently replaced Bitcoin for a percentage of cash reserves. On the other hand, companies that opted for lesser risks continued to grow their cash stocks. For example, S&P 500 non-financial firms increased their treasury by 12 percent in the second quarter, compared to last year, because of the increasing uncertainty created by the pandemic COVID-19. In the course of the current third quarter, several such companies, including General Electric, Ford, and Boeing, began spending the cash. For example, S&P 500 non-financial firms cut reserves by $30 billion in July or 2%, compared to the previous year.

At the same time, firms such as the business’s parent company Amazon and Alphabet nevertheless raised funds, although the aggregate dollar expenditure accomplished nothing. U.S. corporations’ total cash stock decreased to $1.52 trillion from $1.55 trillion as new companies were acquired, shares were repurchased, and dividends climbed, Bloomberg’s data indicates. Overall, the decreasing trend in cash holdings suggests that the money spending of trading businesses is more comfortable with predictions that the pandemic of COVID-19 would nearly stop.

MSTR de facto offers exposure to Bitcoin

MicroStrategy shares have increased by approximately 359% in the previous 12 months, in line with Bitcoin, which in the same period increased by 314% in value. Because MSTR appreciation has outperformed Bitcoin price rise, some experts argue that holding shares provides investors with quick access to the benchmark cryptocurrency market via traditional infrastructure.

The fact that MSTR is valued beyond the current coin’s Net Asset Value (NAV) and he doesn’t think investors are purchasing it upside down for ancient business, stated Kingdom Capital analyst. For example, the Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF, which manages $1.2 billion in assets, has increased its exposure to MSTR by 6.5% after passing by Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, the biggest Bitcoin investment vehicle in the United States that trades over-the-counter, which prevents it from obtaining capital from certain funds and exchange-traded funds. The ETF has MSTR exposure but does not have GBTC exposure to Siren Nasdaq Nexgen Economy.


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